The workings of the solar water heating system water heater (solar power) is using solar panels or it could be called a collector. This component is installed on the roof of the house or building which should be able to receive direct sunlight to collect solar heat and use it as process water heating.

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Water heating process performed on a component called cylinder or tube which also serves as a place to keep a stock of hot water that will be piped to the hot water pipe installation.
Solar energy is a resource that is relatively safe but can be obtained free of charge and unlimited. Although for the climate in Indonesia sometimes rainy season, but the solar water heater can store the hot water requirements for a future time with the help of backup heater that uses electrical power.
Systems and Technical In Solar Water Heater
Units of solar water heater consists of a storage tank or hot water storage tube that works like a thermos.
Collector panel is to heat the water consisting of absorber plate and this section serves as a stove and a series connecting pipe to drain the hot water from the storage tank to the collector panel.
Cold water pipes that drain toward the storage tank to the collector panel and then there circulation. Heat the water in the storage tank temperature range of 60˚ C for a boost in cold water it will supply to the outlet or faucet. With temperatures that are too hot then in use should be mixed with cold water to get a safe temperature. Read also about the advantages of using solar water heater.
Caring for Solar Water Heater
To obtain performance solar heater unit that can work well in a long time, then it can not be denied to be routine for the treatment do as follows:

Periodic Inspection (1-2 months)
Make sure that there are no signs of physical damage that occurs in water heating unit.
Remove any debris that has accumulated in the unit. Including examination of the pipeline between the collectors and storage tanks.
Check all connections to avoid leaks and make sure that all components work appropriately.
Check the Air Vent is still operating properly. Air Vent itself serves to pull out of steam in the event of over flow or excessive temperatures.

Examination every 6 months – 1 year

Check the pump control for the supply of water produced smoothly and optimally. Including examination instalasi pipes to avoid damage by corrosion or other triggers.
Spend unit of Solar Water Heater in a way to replace it with a new water because it is intended to prevent clogging of the unit due to the impurities carried by the water. Never allow dirt to settle which would affect water quality and accelerate corrosion in the tank.
Check the check valve, pressure valve, and one way valve is still functioning well.

Similarly, an understanding of the workings of the solar water heating (Solar Water Heater) as well as some tips for maintenance in order to continue to have maximum performance and can always provide good quality water for users.