Chances are you add to your wardrobe every year. Maybe you take advantage of the great offers from Groupon for super discounts at Lane Bryant. Whether it’s once, twice or three times a year, you place value on keeping your wardrobe up to date.  The same can be said for your living space.  Don’t get used to the same old drab space. Your space contributes enormously to your overall well- being. Invest some time and elbow grease and you’ll be amazed at that transformation you can make in a short period of time with a limited budget. All you need is a little creativity and imagination. Follow these recommendations from the professionals to jazz up your living space.

Remove everything from the space. This includes wall coverings, window treatments, carpets and furniture. You know have a clean slate on which to be totally creative. Select a soft shade that complements the rooms that are within sight lines of the space you’re transforming. You’re only selecting a paint color, not a baby’s name, it can easily be changed it you’re not satisfied. Put a fresh coat of white on the trim work. Once the painting is complete, return the carpet to the room. Identify the focal point of the room. This could be a bay window, fireplace or large piece of furniture. This will be your anchor. Arrange furniture around the focal point in a conversational setting.

Edit pieces as you return them to the room. Limit the accessories display at any one time. Too many accessories in a room will make it cluttered. Hang artwork at eye level on feature walls. It’s better to cluster art work than to spread it out to stand alone on huge swaths of wall space. Trust your instinct. This is your space. Take a risk, be bold and enjoy!