Once again, it’s that time of year again to start making list and buying everyone gifts. Most people are lucky; a pair of headphones, new video game, or gift card to the sportsmans warehouse for your brother, dad, uncles, etc. and some nice jewelry, perfumes, lotions and gels for the women in your life. But what do you get the person that already has everything; the relative that just buys everything they want and anything you get them is redundant? Usually you have to think outside the box here, instead of getting them something material, get them an experience.

For the Boys

A lot of guys want nothing more than a little alone time or possibly a romantic getaway. Plan a weekend where they can spend all day alone. Stock the fridge with meals, beverages, and snacks, pack up the kids and get away. From that point onward, the weekend is his and that is his gift! If he wants a nice romantic getaway, clear a weekend and make some plans to go out of town. Find someone to watch the pets or children and water the plants so that there is nothing to worry about while you two enjoy a little piece of heaven.

For the Girls

Just like with men, women need some peace and quiet all to themselves, especially with kids. Hubbys can arrange to take the kids away for a weekend and allow mom reign of her house to do as she wants… or better yet they can hire someone to come and take care of the house (clean, yard work, organize the garage) while their wives spend the day getting pampered and treated at a local spa. Treatments vary everywhere from hair and nails all the way to some light botox if they desire. Look for locations near you to see what fits you and your special lady best, whatever you pick she’s sure to love.


Remember this holiday season that gifts aren’t always something you can hold in your hand, they could also be a memory that you hold in your heart. Put some thought into your gifts this year and really wow those you love!!