Tips Installing Electric Water Heater

Water Heater is an electric water heater that uses electricity as a source of energy to meet the needs of your family’s hot tub practically. Actually, for the installation of this equipment can be done alone without having to wear handyman services. That way we can save more expenses to pay for services handyman to install an electric water heater.

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Here are things to consider to install a water heater or electric water heater:

  • Before installing the water heater, you need to set up the installation of pipes for hot water lines and lines of cold water that goes into the water heater. Pipe used to drain the hot water in the water heater should certainly special pipe which is resistant to high heat pipes with material such as polypropylene, as well as non-corrosive material that is resistant to many chemical liquids and free of sediment (erosion).
  • Mixing faucet or what we are familiar with hot and cold faucet that has 2 channels, namely channel hot and cold water lines that will be used to channel water from the water heater.
  • Tools better electric water heater installed minimal 1.5m from the floor in order to allow you to install and setting the water heater and to avoid splashes water bath.
  • Attach the hot water heater drains into the hot water pipes with flexible use as well as the installation of cold water inlet pipe. For more details see the scheme following the installation of the water heater.
  1. For the distance between the pipes of hot water and cold water is 15 cm.
  2. Safety valve mounted on the inlet hose cold water on an electric water heater.
  3. To prevent damage to the heat element, water heater plug in the power line to the water heater plug when the tube is fully charged.
  4. Setting the thermostat on the water heater in the high position.
  5. Make sure ELCB switched on by pressing the reset button and press the red button until the indicator light turns on his ELCB.

For installation of gas water heaters in general will be the same, you need to note are for the placement of gas cylinders to be used for the water heater gas must be located outside the room (open air) so that if there is a leak is not dangerous for you, hopefully tips installing water heater can help you install on your own.