Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s also an ideal time to make outdoor repairs to keep your home looking attractive and inviting. Follow these three exterior renovation tips to improve your home’s curb appeal this summer.

1. Make Exterior Repairs

Exterior issues, such as damaged windows or rotting wood, can significantly detract from your home’s overall curb appeal. Repair damaged window screens and windowpanes and give the rest of the windows a good wash while you’re at it. If you have any wooden exterior beams, columns or pergolas, professional wood renovation Spring TX can make these outdoor features look brand-new again, lifting up your home’s curb appeal in the process!

2. Maintain Your Lawn

Summertime inevitably brings plenty of challenges when it comes to taking care of your grass. If you want your grass to remain lush and green throughout the warm summer months, go beyond basic maintenance like mowing and trimming and put a little extra effort into lawn maintenance. Aerate the lawn near the middle of summer to promote growth. Following aeration, apply a sandy top-dressing mixture to maintain the new drainage channels that have been created. These simple jobs will keep even high-traffic areas of your lawn looking healthy.

3. Update Your Hardscape

Damaged areas of hardscape, including walkways and driveways, can be a major eyesore. Repairing these areas during the summer months will give your home year-round curb appeal. Make minor patches and repairs yourself, but leave big fixes to the professionals. If you do choose to fully-replace hardscape areas, opt for stamped or stained concrete to give these areas some extra visual interest and set your home apart from the rest of the block.

The right home improvement projects can truly enhance the appearance of your property. Follow these tips and you’ll transform your home during these summer months!