Window Wells: Why Are They Important? The semicircular embankments you see at windows situated close to the ground are known as window cells. They are convenient in the sense that they allow penetration of air and light when windows are to be setup in basements. In most cases, window wells are surrounded by a concrete wall extending a couple of feet in the soil. Keep reading to learn more about the significance of window wells. Safety has become a growing concern when it comes to house construction nowadays. People getting trapped in houses during emergency situations have severally been reported. You will be happy to learn that window wells actually enhance safety in many homes. This is on the grounds that you will have an exit in case there is a fire outbreak, or in case burglars got into your home. Window wells are actually stipulated under the law in most states. Many building codes and insurance companies advocate for inclusion of window wells in basements. The better of cities will require window wells to be setup in every livable room found in the basement. You are therefore advised to have them built to so as to be in good books with your insurer and the authorities as well.
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Window wells are among the best ways to let light shine in your home. Any dark basement is given a new lease of life whenever light enters it. Light as well is able to create a space opening illusion. Considering that there are window wells made of attractive metal finishes, this could be the secret to giving your home a golden touch on the exterior.
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Basements in most cases are known for their propensity to be moldy and damp. In the event that your basement fits this description, you will be glad to hear that window wells can make the place both dry and fill it with fresh air. What is more, you will actually be bringing down your utility expenses and at the same time adding to the value of your house. Window well covers are able to offer structural security. You run the risk of having water, ice and snow accumulate in the well if there is no cover. Now that window wells go hand in hand with their covers, this is an ideal way of preventing water and other debris from leaking into the house. Note that you can get clear window well covers that do not interfere with natural light entry. There is no doubt that window well installation is important. If you have a house with a basement, you need to have one constructed. The above are reasons why doing so is important.