Carpet Cleaning Methods to Choose from Sure, people are given just about every choice and option in the world when it comes to the perfect carpet cleaning company for their home or their business, but people should also know that there is more than one method of cleaning carpets and not all can be applied on yours. Hot Water Cleaning Method Hot water cleaning, or better known as steam carpet cleaning is used to agitate all of your carpet’s fibres in order to easily remove dirt inside.
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This process basically involves the usage of certain cleaning agents in case the surface of the carpet was soiled, next is the gentle agitation of the fibre followed by careful brushing and rinsing. The application of the said cleaning agent will be given some time to really settle into the carpet before it’s rinsed by a specialised machine, after the rinsing it will be left in a room to thoroughly dry.
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Let’s say that the average carpeted office is about 3,000 square feet and it would typically need 2 whole hours to thoroughly clean and another 4 hours to dry. It’s highly recommended by carpet cleaning companies to schedule large cleaning jobs during the afternoon because after all the necessary cleaning has been done then the carpet can be left to dry overnight; office operations won’t be bothered the next morning. Cleaning Via Carpet Shampooing Before the period of 1970’s, shampoo carpet cleaning was a huge hit until the encapsulation technology took its fame. Of course shampooing the whole carpet seemed to clean or remove just about any kind of dirt especially on soiled carpets but it does have a number of disadvantages; it leaves behind so many residues like wet foam, it also takes a considerably long time to thoroughly dry, not only that but once it dries it becomes sticky due to the lack of rinsing and for all these reason it has become less popular with companies. The Method of Encapsulation This method typically makes use of various synthetic detergents which will act as the base; once the carpet begins to dry then it will turn into powder. All the loosened dirt from the agitated carpet fibres are then encapsulated into the very same powder once the synthetic detergents dry up, lastly it will be either brushed or vacuumed once the carpet has totally dried. Foam encapsulation uses less water and needs far even less time to complete when compared to carpet shampooing technology; that’s why it has become the better option in terms of carpet cleaning.