Making the Most of Your Trip to a Kitchen Showroom The thought of getting new cabinets for your kitchen is surely exciting, but it can also seem daunting considering the tons of options you have to select from. With kitchen cabinets playing such an key role in your kitchen’s overall look and functionality, it’s wise to take it slow when making decisions, particularly with regard to the important variables this type of purchase entails. The following tips will help make your kitchen cabinet showroom visit as useful as possible: Work with a kitchen design professional.
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This should be number one on your list. Out of the variety of renovation options out there, this expert will help you organize all those ideas into a doable set of choices, as dictated by your needs, preferences and available funds.
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Make sure you come up with a kitchen remodel “wish list,” and let your design coach see some photos of cabinet styles that you like. Determine your budget. Make a firm decision on this one prior to your showroom visit. When you’re there, it will be easy to get overwhelmed by the excitement of seeing new renovation possibilities, which can tempt you to spend more than you can actually afford. Prepare your cabinet measurements. Before going to the showroom, make sure you have taken all the important measurements and take a copy with you at the showroom. With this, you can give very accurate details to the sales clerk, and they can also give you correct estimates and appropriate suggestions. Give functionality some serious thought. You must have particular functional elements in mind in order to get kitchen cabinets that provide optimal utility on top of their visual attractiveness. See if you’ll need rotating shelves, pull-out drawers, or any other specialized features. Give the cabinets a test run. Don’t be scared to be hands-on approach when choosing your kitchen cabinets. Pull and push those cabinet doors and drawers. How does it feel with the hinges? By being able to physically handle the different features and aspects of the cabinets, you get a good picture of how functional and durable they can be. Spend time checking the smaller details. Check the finer details of the kitchen cabinets in the showroom, like the pulls, handles, knobs and other hardware, the molding, and the rest. Decide if you really want these features, especially in light of their daily use. The last thing you want are kitchen cabinets that only look attractive but aren’t as functional. In terms of kitchen renovations, anticipation and planning are always indispensable. After doing your homework with the tips stated above, you can maximize your benefits from your kitchen showroom visit, and become much closer to your kitchen remodeling goals.