You don’t need to have a large garden in order to enjoy the amazing beauty of some outdoor plants. Use these useful tips and choose some plants that will thrive in a small space and help you create a wonderful result.

Citrus Scents

There are some citrus trees that also have a dwarf variety. Find these in your local flower shop and take them home. They will enhance your space and will offer you a wonderful, fragrant environment. Choose among lemon, limes or oranges.

Make the Walls Useful

When living in a crowded building, you lack the chance of having an additional space. Use some shelves in order to utilise the wall and place some small pots on them. Even better, you can choose some waterfall plants that will enhance all of the wall and offer you a completely green side on your balcony.

Simply sprucing up your walls can make a big difference. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, head over to a site like Trust a Trader, where you can find a list of landscape gardeners in your local area.

Grow your Own Strawberries

If you don’t have an outdoor space at all, do not despair. Your window patio is good enough to place some strawberry plants. They do not require much space, and on summer you will get to eat this beloved fruit that you made on your own.

Group Planting

If your space is too limited for a big number of pots, then you can always use some galvanised containers one close to another. This will save you some space, will it will create the perfect environment for your plants to grow faster and be healthy.

Balcony Railings

This is the chance to make your balcony or small terrace really green. Place some pot railings all over your balcony line and create your very own garden that surrounds you all over. The night on the balcony with friends will be an amazing addition to your everyday life.

Keep in Mind the Size

You may have found a beautiful plant that you want to take to your house. However, before getting it, you have to ask for some additional information. Make sure its final size is ideal for the free space you have. For example, a great plant that stays small is the ‘Flamingo’ that fits almost everywhere and has clusters all year long.

Spices and Herbs

These are without a doubt the best plants you can choose for your home garden. They are small, durable and will offer you some amazing scents that will be spread across the neighbourhood. Grow your own herbs and use them to all your favourite recipes from now on. You will know the difference once you taste them.


If you are afraid that you will not be able to offer to your plants the proper care, then you can purchase some low care plants that require the minimum possible effort. One great example are the succulents that store water in their leaves and are highly durable.

These are some great tips if you want to create a nice home garden, but you don’t have the additional space for it.