How a Tankless Water Heater Helps you Save on Utility Bills Using tankless water heater is a great way to save money. This type of water heater is more energy efficient compared to the regular ones that most of the households use. Tankless water heater saves money compared to regular water heater because it doesn’t constantly heat any stored water. Water is only heated in tankless model only if you require it and it will be in an instant. A good example to this is when you want to take a hot shower, using a regular water heater will require you to wait for a longer time to change the temperature of the water. But on the part of tankless heater, you don’t need to wait for it to get hot because as you turn it on, it will instantly give you warm water.
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The tankless water heater is being heat up by either electrical element or a gas burner. This will depend on the type of tankless heater you will buy. Just make sure that before buying, you have carefully examined the pros and cons of the tankless unit. The major cons though are the cost to install and the cost of the unit. You will also need to consider the flow rate.
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The rate of the hot water supply is constant. Using old heaters will require you to wait for the water to become warm but if the stored water are used, you will have to wait again for it to become warm. We often experience this if there is someone showering ahead of us. But with the use of tankless heater, you don’t need to experience it again. The warm water being supplied to your when you use tankless heater is between two to five gallons a minute. There is still larger size of tankless heater available and the bigger is the size, the more water is stored. There are various factors to take into consideration when buying the tankless heater and these are the voltage, size and the fuel type. There are even those large sizes that can supply all the people in your home. You will not have problems in determining the voltage for an electric tankless water heater. You can have the voltage for 110V so that you don’t have any problems with your plug-ins but another option is the 220V. Upon installation, make sure that you hire professional installer because this type of job should not be left with just anybody. As for the size of the heater, make sure that you know how large the space that you have spared and it must fit your tankless heater. Choosing water filters and heaters is your responsibility so be a wise buyer.